The works

The works of Petrucci offer to the viewers indecipherable and misterious images that are full of suggestions, connected to something familiar. We are dealing with futuristic architectures, cellular tissues, molecolar agglomerations, strange micro-organisms, plants, virus and maybe alien structures that escape any easy classification, creating doubts, curiosity and repulsion.

Cristiano Petrucci’s main work gives the name to the entire project. It is an entirely new production experiment that the artist dedicates to Vetrya and LKT Foundation.


The curators

Davide Sarchioni

Graduated in Modern Literature with specialization in History of Contemporary Art at the University of Siena, since 2005 he has been working as an art critic and freelance curator for public bodies, foundations, art galleries and private individuals in Italy and abroad, creating exhibition projects, collections, art catalogues and writing for some trade magazines.
He collaborates with established and emerging Italian and international artists.
From 2010 to 2014 he was curator of the special projects at Museum am Dom, Würzburg (DE). Since 2010 he has been the artistic director of the space Il Frantoio in Capalbio (GR). Since 2015 he is the art curator and consultant for LaDI Art and

He is curator and consultant of art projects for the Fondazione Luca e Katia Tomassini.

Isaco Praxolu

He attended classical and modern dance schools with enabling stages held by important international choreographers such as Jasse Smith, Bill Goodson, Jamal Sims and the Italians Mauro Astolfi, Mauro Mosconi, Caterina Felicioni.
He has been a modern dance teacher and he has worked as organizer of theatrical events, shows and press office. He has also carried out business management and control activities for various companies and currently he is the marketing and communication manager, curator of events and shows for LaDI Art, of which he is the founder, and for

He collaborates with Davide Sarchioni on the organization of art projects for the Fondazione Luca e Katia Tomassini.

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